My Aged Care

BANGLADESHI INFORMATION SESSIONS: aged care programs and how to access services that meet your needs

An information session to help you find services and programs to assist you remain at home

The session will cover the following topics:
• What services can older people access to assist them at home?
• How to access programs through My Aged Care?
• What to expect from services?
• Fees and costs of programs

This session will be delivered in English and interpreted in Bengali/Bangla (see language flyer)

  • Date: Thursday 31st January 1:30 – 2:30 pm.
  • Venue: Liverpool Library, Carman Community Room

For more information or to confirm your attendance please call Beatriz Cardona on 0457284280 or Renica Adam on 0413536800

Department of Health: Help your home care package client start their package successfully

For a home care package client to successfully take-up their package they must enter into a Home Care Agreement with an approved provider by the take-up deadline. The take-up deadline is 56 days from the date a package is assigned to the client.

To enter into a Home Care Agreement the client and provider must jointly agree to:
• receive/deliver the services
• the client’s rights and responsibilities
• the services to be provided by the provider
• the fees and other charges to be paid under the agreement
• all other administrative details.

Once a Home Care Agreement has been entered into, and the client has agreed to receive services, services can be delivered to the client at the date agreed upon and documented in the Agreement.
Key points to remember to prevent package withdrawal:
• The client and provider must enter into a Home Care Agreement before the take-up deadline.
• The provider must advise the Department of Human Services (DHS) of the agreed entry date of services through an Aged Care Entry Record (ACER) or through the Aged Care Online System (ACOS) within 56 days from the date the package was assigned.
• The client may request an addition of 28 days to extend the overall take-up deadline to 84 days. The extension may only be requested once per package and before the initial 56 days expire.
• Providers must show the date of the Agreement as the entry date for the client when submitting the ACER or ACOS.

For more information, view the Managing home care packages fact sheet or contact the My Aged Care provider and assessor helpline on 1800 836 799.
Department of Health

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