Service Type Definitions

Allied Health Care/Paramedical
Professional health care services: podiatry (foot care), occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, social work, and dietetics (advice about food and nutritional care).

Collection of information about a client's needs to determine eligibility for service, the extent of their needs and information required for the delivery of services.

Behaviour/Specialist Intervention
Range of services relating to the management of challenging behaviours, including intensive intervention support, training and education in behaviour management, and consultancy services.

Case Management
The co-ordination of appropriate delivery of services from more than one agency to particular clients with complex needs; performed only by specifically-funded services.

Case Planning/Review and Co-ordination
Development, monitoring and review of case/service plans for the delivery of service to a particular client.

Centre-Based Day Care
Attendance/participation in structured group activities in a centre, designed to develop, maintain or support capacity for independent living and social interaction; may include bus trips.

Counselling/Support, Information, Referral and Advocacy
Assistance with understanding and managing situations and relationships associated with the client's need for care and/or their caring responsibilities: one-on-one advice, information, training, assistance in dealing with other agencies; may include support groups.

Domestic Assistance (Home Help)
Assistance with housework and chores: cleaning, dishwashing, clothes washing and ironing, shopping and bill paying.

Early Childhood Intervention
Support services to assist children up to 6 yrs old with a developmental delay to integrate with peers into pre-schools and the wider community.

Home Maintenance
Assistance with minor home maintenance and repairs to ensure the home is a safe place to live. Eg. Carpentry, plumbing and electrical works. Clients may refer direct to the service.

Home Modifications
Assistance with modifications to the client's home to help them live independently, eg. Installation of handrails, ramps, hand held shower, grab rails, kitchen and bathroom modifications and other modifications as recommended by the Occupational Therapist. Clients may refer direct to the service. HMM Services have access to a home modification specific occupational therapist for assessment of clients' needs.

In-Home Accommodation Support
Individual in-home living support and/or developmental programming for people with a disability.

Learning and Life Skills Development (Often called Day Programs)
Ongoing day-to-day support to gain greater access and participate in community-based activities: focus on continuing education to develop skills and independence or enjoyment, leisure and social interaction.

Provision of meals to clients: in their homes (either hot and ready-to-eat or frozen with instructions for heating) or in a centre-based setting; to meet special dietary or cultural needs.

Nursing Care
Professional care from a registered or enrolled nurse in the home: changing bandages and administering medication.

Other Food Services
Assistance with meal preparation and cooking in a client's home and provision of advice on nutrition, storage or food preparation.

Personal Care
Assistance with daily self-care tasks: eating, bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming, getting in/out of bed and moving about the house; may also include monitoring medication.

Provision of Goods and Equipment
Loan or purchase of goods to assist the client maintain their independence: wheelchairs, appliances and continence pads.

Respite Care
Service for carers to provide substitute care and give the carer some time away from their caring responsibilities; a worker or volunteer going into the recipient's home or with both carer and recipient on an outing.

Social Support
Assistance in the home or community to meet a person's need for social contact and help him/her participate in community life: visiting and telephone monitoring, letter-writing.

Assistance with travel to/from essential appointments and social activities, either directly (in a car or bus) or indirectly (through a taxi subsidy or voucher); may include a shopping bus.

Packages of more than one of the above